Water Chillers

Packaged Water Glycol chillers, from 1 kW to 2,000kW. We supply industrial water chillers, HVAC chillers, heat pumps and Glycol Chillers.

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Pipework Installation

We design, plan and install quality industrial pipework installations and specialise in insulated chilled water applications.

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Glycol Antifreeze

Non Toxic, eco-friendly Glycol, supplied in 25 litres drums to 1000 litre drums for next day delivery.

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We provide a professionally delivered end-to-end solution for your cooling system requirements.

Water Glycol Chillers

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Ultra Low Temperature Chiller

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Industrial Water Chillers

We supply Packaged Water Chillers from 1.2kW to 9,000kW of cooling. Our extensive range of KTK KLIMATECHNIK liquid chillers and Heat Pumps are available throughout the UK. The KTK KLIMATECHNIK range has been developed over 30 Years of innovation incorporating Air cooled Packaged chillers, water cooled chillers, free cooling and Turbocor technology.

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Compact 4kW Chiller

We supply a range of compact Packaged Water Chillers with integral 3 Bar Pump and Tank. The Minichiller is available from 900W to 4kW of cooling in a unique compact design. This highly innovative and versatile single phase small packaged water chiller is available as standard with dual frequency and has a fluid temperature range of -10c to + 25C.

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-30c Liquid Chillers

We supply a range of Ultra Low Glycol Chillers capable of fluid temperatures of -30C.The LCW Air Cooled Liquid Chiller is available from 2.2kW to 34.8kW cooling capacities. Incorporating highly efficient scroll compressors and integral pump and tank our packaged ultra low temperature liquid chillers have a fluid temperature range of -10C to -30C.

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Passionate About Industrial Water Chillers!

Nexus design, supply and install a large range of reliable quality and highly efficient industrial water chillers. Cooling capacities ranging from 1.2kW to 9,000kW. Our chillers are successfully applied worldwide and are leading the way in efficiency, energy savings and reliability.

We offer a comprehensive after sales service. Our experienced engineers
will look after you every step of the way, engineer to engineer.