South East Bottling

Packaged water cooling system for new state of the art bottling plant

Another HL-B 30 supplied on time, neatly packaged from our vast UK stock.

South East Bottling, Broadstairs, Kent.

The company, working in partnership with Eddie Gadd of Ramsgate Brewery, recently installed a shared on site bottling facility. Capable of bottling volumes of beer from 2,000 litres to 10,000 litres.

Customer Requirements:

Eddie Gadd’s new bottling plant, which is located in Ramsgate, required a water cooling system that would provide reliable cooling to their jacketed fermentation vessels that produce their alcoholic beverages. Once they have finished the brewing process the beer will then go on to be bottled in house. Eddie needed a water chiller with the power to cool his jacketed vessels with a water/glycol solution down to -7°C. The Nexus HL-B 30 was the perfect fit.

crown packaging logo

crown packaging logo

“The water cooling system has provided trouble free cooling since its installation and commissioning earlier this year. With reference to Nexus after sales service we have had a great response from engineer Ian Hill whenever we have needed any help”.


South East Bottling

Highly efficient and powerful scroll compressor vastly reduces the running costs compared to traditional brewery cooling equipment!

Another successful solution provided by Nexus!

We supplied a one-off HLB 30 packaged water/glycol chiller with the capacity to cool all of the vessels with a set point of -7°C connected to a flow and return ring main with the chiller sited externally.

Stainless steel parts ensure long lasting service!

A robust water cooling system was required with the capability to cool all of the vessels and maintain them at differing temperatures if and when required. Nexus Cooling supplied a packaged water chiller that is more than capable of fulfilling the required job. All our units have non-ferrous stainless steel tanks and integral pumps as standard, which is perfectly suited to the brewing/bottling processes. When cooling the beer the chilled water is stored within the jacketed vessels at -1°C for six days. Each vessel has its own controller and set point, which is adjusted via a central control panel.

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