KTK Chiller 50kW - 220 kW

Aqua Plus - air cooled industrial chillers and heat pumps.

Nexus Cooling’s “ Aqua Plus” air cooled chillers and heat pumps offer “A Class” energy efficiency in a compact and reliable design, our air cooled industrial glycol chiller featuring an integral 3 bar pump and a large capacity buffer tank. The entire range use multiple highly efficient scroll compressors with environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant as well as a wide range of cooling capacities from 50kW to 220kW, with the ability to operate in ambient temperatures as low as -20C. The Aqua Plus range from Nexus Cooling feature an internal insulated buffer tank, expansion vessel, recirculating pump (up to 3.5 bar), water flow differential protection, axial fans and microprocessor control.

The Aqua Plus glycol chiller from Nexus Cooling is available as either a reverse cycle heat pump version or as a standard air cooled chiller offering “Eurovent Certified Performance” throughout the range.

The entire range is highly flexible offering bespoke features including: super silencing, heat recovery, single or double pump up to 3.5 bar pressure and RS 485 ModBus compatibility.

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