Discover Our Range Of Air Cooled Process Chillers

Air cooled chillers from 1 - 20 kW

Our powerful range of small packaged chillers with cooling capacities from 1kW to 20kW are ideal for all applications.

From fluid temperatures of -10C to +25C we have the ideal small water chiller.


Mini Chiller TCW 08 (1kW Chiller)

Mini Chiller TCW 12 (1.7kW Chiller)

Mini Chiller TCW 19 (2.3kW Chiller)

Mini Chiller TCW 30 (3kW Chiller)

Mini chiller TCW 40 (4kW Chiller)

Chiller TCW 55 (5.6kW Chiller)

Chiller TCW A0 (11.2kW Chiller)

Chiller TCW A9 (21.4kW Chiller)

Affordable Industrial water chillers for any application