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To comply with the warranty terms for your new quality chiller, it is the manufacturer's requirement that the chiller must be commissioned by a suitably qualified engineer.

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Our service company, Nexus Chiller Services Ltd, offers a comprehensive commissioning service to make certain that your chiller is installed, set up correctly, and meets the manufacturer's commissioning/warranty requirements.

Prior to commissioning, please note that the chiller should be unloaded, unpacked, sited on a suitable concrete base, connected to the correct power supply (and phase tested for 3 phase chillers), filled with the correct water / glycol fluid, and all pipework connections completed.

Please Note: Identifying and rectifying incomplete or incorrect installation work is not included in Commissioning. Any such additional work that is identified will be quoted and must be accepted before further work, including Commissioning, is carried out. The full cost of Commissioning is chargeable if it cannot be carried out because of incomplete or incorrect installation.

Comprises commissioning for one chiller, including travel, excluding parts and materials.