Suitable for: 10/50 barrel breweries with multiple fermentation vessels (FV’s)


An installation consists of a glycol chiller supplying insulated float and return pipework installation, installed within the brewery with individual valves controlling flow to each individual fermentation vessel (FE), conditioning tank (CT), cold liquor tank (CLT) or any other vessel requiring cooling. A water glycol solution is pumped around the brewery and each vessel has an individual temperature controller installed within the turnkey brewery cooling system.


A professional installer will be responsible for all of the calculations required to install the appropriate pipework and fittings required to ensure the correct operation whilst maintaining individual fermentation vessels at the correct temperature.


The installation costs will be higher than trying to do it yourself. Beware, ensure the installer has experience in the specific requirements of cooling a brewery and brewery pipework installer.

Case Study

Burning Sky Brewery – Providing The ‘Chill Factor’ For New Forward Thinking Brewery