Glycol Chillers for Cooling a Brewery (brewery chillers)

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Suitable for: 10 / 20 Barrel Brewery / Cask & Keg (brewery chillers)


So, brewery chillers for all brewers up to 20 barrels including craft brewers – the most popular glycol chiller by far in 2015 has been HLB 20 packaged water glycol chiller. This is a brewery chiller that incorporates highly efficient scroll compressors and integral pump and tank.

The water glycol temperature can be set as low -5 C which is ideal for cold conditioning and cask and keg beers and crash cooling.


Finding packaged glycol chillers for chilling a brewery are easy to find in the UK, many suppliers keep brewery chillers in stock so it’s easy to find where to buy a brewery chillers


Not all manufacturers have a pump suitable for the viscose glycol solution used for brewery cooling with a glycol chiller and the pump pressure may be too high for the fragile jackets on your fermentation vessels. You can not scale up the cooling when you increase the size of your brewery.

Before You Buy

3 important considerations before buying a packaged glycol chiller for cooling a brewery check the following:

1)  Do I have the necessary expertise to install the glycol chiller correctly

2) Where can you put it and Where can you discharge the warm air generated by the glycol chiller (glycol chillers need cool air onto the condenser and generate a great deal of warm air, they are ideally suite to being installed outside).

3) Can the jackets on my Vessels withstand the pressure of the pump, if not see the Low pressure system below.

Case Study

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